10 Stylish Dogs That Will Put Your Hairstyle to Shame!

pug with colorful hair wig

We all go to great lengths to make sure our hair is picture perfect. We tease, brush, spray and blow-dry until it's JUST the way we like it. We wouldn't dare leave the house if even one hair was out of place!

No matter how much we rock that ombre look, man bun or fancy updo, I'm afraid you'll never be quite as stylish as these pups! LOL!

On the next page, you'll get to a look at these doggies and their killer hair! Thanks to the internet, we get to enjoy some awesome top knots, mohawks, flower crowns and doggy braids that are worthy of street style awards! These adorable pooches will put you and your hairstyles to shame!

To see some stylish dogs show off their magnificent hairstyles, visit the next page!

Via roccothepug / Instagram

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