(Video) Little Bunny Rabbit Scares Dog and Chases Him Around the Yard and I Can’t Stop Laughing!

dog and bunny

Garry the big black dog once had it really good. He was the master of all he surveyed and there was no animal on the farm bigger, better and more important than him.

Then one day Chad arrived and instead of staying with his own little group he decided he wanted power, to be the new chief of the farm. Soon poor Garry was buckling under Chad’s masterful presence and Chad knew if he did not keep up his dominance Garry might get the idea that he was numero uno again

It’s a sad situation for, you see, Chad is a Lion head bunny rabbit with attitude. And Garry the dog is basically a kind soul but he is constantly chased by the meany rabbit all day long!

And it is hilarious. Go to the next page and watch their comical antics!

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