11 Pugs Who Just Want Halloween to be Over for Once and for All

pug unicorn

When you think about Halloween what comes to mind? Costumes and candy, of course! Oh, and maybe the occasionally Halloween party if you to one. It's so much fun seeing what everyone dresses up as!

Not only is it fun to dress up as your favorite character (Batman, perhaps?) you can dress up your Pug too! Your Pug can be the Robin to your Batman costume! 😉

You'll love the Pug costumes you're about to see today. Even though the Pugs don't look that pleased to be dressed up (each Pug would rather their human get them out of that wretched costume ASAP), they sure look great!

And who knows… maybe the Pugs actually like their costumes but just don't want to tell you. LOL.

Choose which Pug costume is your favorite after the break and prepare to chuckle as you check out the expressions on some of the Pugs' faces. They just want Halloween to be over!

Believe me; you have to see these costumes and the cute Pugs!

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