Adorable Pug Puppy LOVES Playing with a Door Stopper and it’s the Cutest Thing Ever!!

pug vs door stopper

Some puppies just can't get enough of their toys. Well, this pug puppy just can't get enough of a door stopper!

When this adorable pup begins to play with the door stopper, he's instantly drawn to the noise and sound the door stopper makes. But instead of playing with it for a few minutes, he continues to play with it non-stop! That's not either. The little guy gets obsessed with the door stopper and goes crazy over it! LOL!

As this pug puppy continues to spazz out over the door stopper, you can't tear your eyes away from this YouTube video. It's that entertaining! We have no idea why he loves a door stopper that much, but it's hilarious watching it all unfold.

If you get obsessed with things too, maybe you can relate to this puppy. However, it probably won't be over a door stopper, though! Ha!

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