3 Ways to Get Fido Ready for the Fall Time

fall beagle doggie

In addition to the tips below, I would also recommend investing in a harness that has fur sewed on the inside of it. It'll keep your pooch warm if he doesn't like doggie clothes and it's a good alternative to dog clothes as well. Check out three tips that'll ensure that your doggie has a happy and safe pumpkin-spice season:

1. Shedding – We tend to think that shedding is only a problem in the spring, but some dogs shed their summer coats in preparation for their winter coat. Brush daily or weekly as needed.

2. Bed – Wood and tile floors can get cold. Pull out the dog blankets and make a warm sleeping space for your pooch. Wash and/or change the blankets at least once a week.

3. Flea/Tick – Summer isn’t the only time to worry about fleas and ticks. The flea and tick season can last into late fall. Many vets recommend year-round protection. Make sure your dog is covered.

Depending on the climate you live in, you don't need to worry about fleas and ticks if you have freezing temperatures at night. However, if you don't have a night where it hits below 32 degrees Fahrenheit then it's probably a good idea to continue flea and tick protection. These bugs can't die unless they're in freezing temps.

Also, don't forget to keep Fido plenty warm. He may wake up feeling cold and it's your job to make sure he's covered while he sleeps at night and during the day!

For three more tips on how to prepare your pooch for autumn, visit Rover.

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