(VIDEO) Clock Strikes Midnight and a Pug Climbs the Stairs Like She’s a Princess Wearing Glass Slippers – LOL!

Pug princess at the bottom of the stairs

It's a classic tale of Cinderella except in dog version. This Pug princess has somewhere to go and you better not get in her way!

It's true, this adorable Pug may not be a real princess, but she does act like Cinderella. When the clock strikes midnight and she must run up those stairs, she knows she has somewhere to be and that she better do it quickly. The prince is hot on her trail — Okay, not really, but that would be something, right?!

You'll have to take a look and watch this Pug princess in action — as she climbs up those stairs she does something you don't see a Pug do everyday — walk like a princess too! She just too adorable!

I dare you not to smile as you watch this royal princess run up the stairs — even though she's in a rush she's very graceful, which means she has to be a real Cinder-Pug! 😉 Now all this Pug needs are some doggy glass slippers, because how she goes up the stairs sure makes her look like she's wearing them! LOL!

Watch this royal Cinder-Pug climb the stairs in her glass slippers after the break!

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