7 Things Humans Do Incorrectly at Dog Parks

pug at dog park

A dog park is a wonderful place. Your dog can get some great exercise in a semi-contained area, you can enjoy the fresh air, and maybe even meet up with a few pooch-loving friends in the process!

However, there are some rules and many do not think about them as they bring Fido to the lovely green grounds.

After all, we have to remember while the dog park is for our enjoyment it is not for ours alone! There are not just other people about but many dogs that are attempting to have a good time!

Therefore, we ask for you to go to the next page and check out at least seven things humans do incorrectly at dog parks.

Good manners at these places may seem a small thing but, in all honesty, it is what separates a bad doggy parent from a good one!

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