(VIDEO) It’s Time for a Pug’s Birthday! How They Celebrate? You’ve Never Seen Two Pugs Eat a Cake Like This!

pugs eating a cake

Holidays and birthdays are made to be observed and while we, as human beings, know why the celebration is taking place our doggies only know that they are in for a treat and some fun!

In other words, they don’t really care why just give them some cake!

You can pretty much see this attitude over on the next page with a couple of precious pugs that are presented with a birthday yummy they cannot resist!

We are not entirely certain which dog is celebrating the birthday, one does look older than the other, but they are both adorable, eager and willing to launch into their present the moment they are given a green light!

Watch as this twosome reacts to the birthday surprise on this adorable video after the break!

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