8 Doggies Who Hilariously Want to be Let Back Inside

dog hoodie by window

Our dogs can be such peculiar creatures! One moment they want us to set them free, let them run outside to do any number of wonderful activities, then suddenly they want to come back inside!

Our Chihuahua is definitely like this. We had a garage cleaning chore to get done last year, an all day job as you can imagine, and we thought it a great time for Max. He could get out, run around and get some fresh air. And he did for a while.

Then, when we were a quarter way through the job, we looked toward our back door and there was Max, sitting on the mat, ready to go back in. It was not as if he did not have food and water outside. He just had enough and wanted to curl up on the carpeted floor in front of the TV. We let him.

Some dogs, however, do not have it as easy as Max. They are approached with some scary things; weather, other animals, or maybe outdoor “dog clothes” they hate.

Yes, eventually we will let them in but they’ve only been outside for a few minutes! They were clamoring for the freedom but discovered they prefer captivity? Such is the mind of a domesticated pet!

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