(Video) Two Puppies Interact During a Meet and Greet. The Result? Cutest Convo EVER!

Dogs talking


When we get together in a group, perhaps at a party or any other function, it’s always lovely to meet old friends – talk about what has been happening – and also get to know new people, some who might become great buddies! It is what being social is all about.

We believe this is what is on the minds of two puppies who are suddenly brought together for a meet and greet. They see each other, catch onto the fact they are the only canines in the room, and decide to grab it up – to the delight of all the humans around them!

The fact that one of them has a rather, well, grating voice is not a deterrent. They have things to say to one another and it seems, in desperation, they need to get it all out at once! Hey, they might not have this opportunity again!

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