8 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Own a Pug…

On to another reason why having a pug is the worst idea ever. Who wants to experience what's mentioned below?!

I’m pretty sure you'll eat pug fur by accident when you visit a friend's house. I've been to a house with a pug and the pug's fur was everywhere. So. Gross. Can you imagine the maintenance for this dog and not to mention your home? No thanks!

shedding pug

Via Owned by Pugs

Pugs hate playing with toys and just don't understand why you would subject them to balls that don't seem to do anything but squeak! What the heck are you thinking?! 

pug playing with a toy

Via NH1976 / Flickr

Still need more convincing that you shouldn't get a pug? Or maybe you need to convince a friend that a pug just isn't for them!

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