(Video) Baby and Dog Duel for the Very Last Piece of Chicken. Who Will Reign Victorious?!

dog and baby vs chicken

When we share our food, it can be hard to pick who the last piece of the delicious treat goes to. It tastes so yummy that we may, at times, want to keep it all to ourselves! LOL!

Sometimes it can even turn into a battle! LOL! In this hilarious video, one doggy and baby go head to head for the last piece of chicken!

Yeah, that's right! LOL! You can't keep this baby and doggy away from their favorite food for very long, and they're both determined to eat the last piece!

Watch how this tasty battle ends. You definitely don't want to miss this!

Watch how this baby and doggy battle it out for the last piece of chicken on this cute video on the next page!

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