Adorable Signs That Means a Dog Thinks Her Owner is the Pack Leader

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What you thought of as signs of mere affection, which is part of what it is, can also mean respect and admiration! You are your pup’s everything so read how he demonstrates his love for the pack leader!

You Get Kisses:
I don’t need to be the one to tell you that dogs are incredibly social and affectionate creatures. Cesar’s Way explains that the more submissive dogs are subservient to the dominant ones, which includes giving them attention by licking their faces. If your dog gives you lots of attention, it’s because she looks up to you and is seeking your approval.

Your Dog Follows You Around:
Does your dog follow you around? If she does, this is a sign that you are in fact the pack leader. According to CANIDAE, the wolf pack leader always goes first, and to do otherwise would be a sign of disrespect.

Doesn’t Steal Food From You:
Dogs love food. In the wild, food is the difference between life and death, and dominant dogs get to eat first. CANIDAE explains that a respectful dog will not steal food from you and understands that it is your right to eat first. Your dog should know that it’s your decision to pick when they eat, and to not steal food or actively beg. It’s OK for them to look; they’re dogs after all.

Breaks Eye Contact First:
Dogs use eye contact to intimidate each other in the wild, according to CANIDAE. If you’ve ever had to scold your dog, you might have noticed her break eye contact first. That’s a sign of submission, and might also signal that she’s apologetic for whatever hijinks she got up to.

There are more signs and you can find them over on Little Things.

We may not entirely “get it” because they mean so much to us. The fact that we feed, water and play with our furry little family member does not seem so much of a “pack leader” thing to do as it is Mom taking care of another of her kids.

However, for our dogs – the creatures that look up to us for guidance and affection – being the pack leader is as good as it gets. Be happy that they think of you as that special individual in their life!

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