All Dogs Have the Instinct to Swim, But Does This Mean All Dogs CAN Swim?!

pug swimming

Does your pooch go absolutely crazy when he sees water? Is his reaction that he can't wait to splash in it and swim all around? Or, does you pooch hide at the sound of running water? His reaction may be that he just doesn't want to get his paws wet!

You may believe that all dogs love the water and know how to swim but it's hard work for a lot of pooches. Swimming actually takes a lot of hard work for certain canines!

Some were built for swimming, while other pups have to work a little harder to keep their noses above water. Every doggy is different, and swimming is a big deal for both dogs that love or hate the water.

Find out if your dog is a natural born swimmer or has a fear of water and what to do about it on the next page!

Via Sam Lavy / Flickr

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