(Video) This Pug Loves Chasing His Snack! Now Watch to See if He’ll Finally Figure This Sneaky Toy Out…

pug snack

Some toys and snacks can be a complete mystery to doggies. They have trouble figuring out why they make such funny sounds or why they smell a certain way.

It's pretty fun to see a confused pooch try and figure out how a new toy works. Lucky for you, this confused Pug will entertain you for a while as he continues to conquer this toy! LOL!

When you see how this pup tries to figure out how to get to his snack inside his toy, you'll be cracking up!

He is absolutely dedicated to getting that yummy treat out of there! LOL! So if you need a smile today, this video is just what you need!

Check out how this new toy confuses this curious Pug on the video on the next page!

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