English Bulldog Dad Meets His Daughter and Realizes She’s Just as Feisty as He is — This Meeting is Awesome!

When dog owners introduce a puppy to another dog, they never know how the meeting will go. In this case, an English Bulldog is presented to his daughter, who happens only to be a few months old. The owners aren't sure how the meeting will go, so cameras are out, and there's complete silence in the background as everyone waits with anticipation.

What happens next no one was expecting. The dad and his daughter take to one another almost immediately. After getting to know one another for a minute or so, the baby makes her way over to her dad and gently puts her head against his. That's not all — she moves her body under her big dad's head and then his head rests on hers! The moment between the dogs is SO heartwarming; you can't afford to miss it.

Soon after this the baby decides she's quite comfortable with dad and barks at him! It's as if she's saying “Dad, let's play!” You gotta love the fact that this small puppy is just as feisty, if not more feisty than dad!

You will die over their heartwarming meeting and interaction after the break.

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