Cute French Bulldog Tries His Hardest to Stay Awake and We Can’t Help But Smile

sleepy Frenchie

For humans and for dogs alike, staying awake when you're sleep deprived is a huge struggle. The sleep trickles in and suddenly you're struggling to keep the eyelids open!

No matter how hard you try, sometimes you just can't help falling into a deep sleep. You don't have to explain everything I mentioned to this French Bulldog pup. He's had quite a day of exploring and fun that he just can't stay awake for another moment!

You'll fall in love with this little guy as he tries his hardest to keep his eyes open! AWW! He's determined to stay awake though — what a stubborn pooch! I'm sure he'll convince himself that a nap won't be such a bad idea after all of the fun he's had though. LOL!

Watch what happens when this adorable French Bulldog tries to stay awake on the next page! Too cute!

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