(Video) 15-Year-Old Pug Playing Peek-a-boo With Daddy is the Most Adorable Thing EVER


No matter how old our doggies get, they'll always be our little fur babies. As doggy parents, we can't help but feel that our pups will always be young. And who knows, if we keep our pups healthy they can continue to be young and happy even as they reach their golden years.

We can even go as far as playing their favorite games that they played as puppies! LOL! In today's video, you'll see just that! LOL! One senior Pug still enjoys a good game of Peek-a-boo with his dad and your heart will melt!

Watching him play with his human will make you forget that this pooch is old and he'll even seem like a young pup! If you need a smile, then watch these two in action!

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