(VIDEO) Watch How an Itty Bitty Little Pup Meets New and BIG Friends! LOL!

Big Dog Little Dog

Brought to us from the Muttshack Animal Shelter, the video on the next page is one of those comical gems where you almost have to get into the mind of the dogs and wonder what they are thinking.

One pooch looks at his new friend as if trying to figure out what exactly it is? No, it’s not a squirrel or rat… so what IS this little thing? What is wrong with him? Why is he so small?

But the bigger dogs are not the only ones who are confused. The little pup sincerely seems to want to connect and play, but these behemoths are a bit daunting! What in the world made them so big?!

After the break, watch this fun and funny video with mismatched forever friends in the making!

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