(Video) 4-Month-Old Puppy Puts Old Timers to Shame With Some Doggone Amazing Tricks!

Smart Tricks Pug

There is a certain amount of satisfaction a pup-parent gets when teaching her pooch tricks and seeing their baby doing them well.

It does take some time and patience, but when it happens we are overjoyed – and the doggie is too because it’s made us happy!

However, certain dogs have degrees of learnability. Most can get through the basics of sit, handshake and lay down.

But then when we get to the area of a roll-over, stay and spot calling a certain toy… Well, let us just say some pups are not up to the challenge. Or if they are it takes months or years for them to get it right.

Over on the next page, we have a very bright and handsome Pug who, at only four months old, brings older expensively trained dogs to their knees!

Not only is Gadget good at what he does but he truly seems to enjoy doing the tricks too. Check him out on the video!

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