(Video) Cute Frenchie Gets Conned Into Eating Broccoli and He’s Not Very Happy About It… LOL!


It's practically a cliche that kids don't like eating broccoli, and that their parents will do just about anything to cajole them into eating this healthy but not necessarily tasty vegetable.

This can include everything from offering a reward such as their favorite dessert if they eat their broccoli, to even sneaking the vegetable in another dish such as a casserole. Sometimes this works, sometimes this doesn't, but there's no end to a parent's creativity when it comes to trying to get their kids to eat healthier.

This sometimes extends to our canine companions as well, as this adorable video of a French Bulldog demonstrates. This sophisticated pup doesn't eat dry kibble out of a bowl on the floor. No way!

This classy canine sits at the dinner table incredibly patiently while its human feeds it using a fork. And what is it eating? Why, an elegant meal complete with a main course and vegetable side dish, naturally.

While the pup is quite content to be fed most of the meal, when its human tries to fool it into eating a piece of broccoli, it absolutely refuses. In fact, its reaction is priceless!

To see the adorable way this dog refuses to eat its broccoli, please head on over to the next page to see the cute video.

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