(Video) Adorable Husky Puppy Attempts to Howl But Instead THIS Happens…


The beauty of having your own puppy is in watching the little innocent grow and learn from you. If you have a family, it is also wonderful to watch how it and the children react to one another!

However, most dogs also have instincts and part of that is the ever-present bark, growl, and howl!

Huskies tend to have a very distinctive howl and it does not have to be taught. It is quite natural to them and out of nearly all the dog breeds, it is arguably the most melodious of yowls!

After the break, turn the page and watch this wonderful video of a cuter than cute husky puppy, only weeks old, that takes his first try at a full-throated howl. It is sweet, ever characteristic, and wholly delightful!

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