[VIDEO] Together This Pug and French Bulldog Make Quite the Duo! Find Out Why…

pug and french bulldog

OMG! These doggy best friends are hilarious together! Two dogs are definitely much better than one, and this video is proof.

Watch how obedient they are together! They're so smart too!

This Pug and Frenchie really love working for those treats. You'll find their faces irresistible when they show you their “puppy dog.” They're pretty good at getting what they want — LOL!

Duke the Pug and Rambo the Frenchie will have you laughing all through the video. Watch them show off their incredible tricks for the camera. They’re crazy about those yummy doggy treats, and if I were a dog I would be too! LOL!

This cute doggy duo has a lot more to show you as well. Find out what makes this duo so darn dynamic by watching this hilarious video!

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