(VIDEO) Baby Frenchie Has a TON of Energy. When He Invites His Older Pug Sibling to Play, You’ll Never Guess How He Responds…

Pug and Frenchie

Keeping up with a puppy is hard no matter how old you are. When a puppy wants to play it's very hard to say no! We all know how persistent they can be and when you look at their adorable faces, they're impossible to resist! LOL!

Well, this baby Frenchie knows his cuteness will get his older Pug brother to play with him. You'll love watching him run around and try to get his brother to play along!

Will his older pug brother give in and play with his Frenchie brother? By the looks of it at first he doesn't seem so keen on the idea, but maybe he'll change his mind… You'll have to watch and see how he reacts!

Check out how one adorable Frenchie puppy tries to convince his older Pug brother to play with him on the next page!

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