(Video) Commerical Featuring a Pug as a Girl’s Guardian Angel is Touching Everyone’s Heart

pug watching over little girl

This is no way that this commerical with a pug as a little girl's Guardian Angel will not bring out all the feels!

Most us know that our pups and our children have a connection with each other that is unlike any other. Our dogs will do anything for the ones they love but especially for children.

This commercial featuring a pug as a girl's Guardian angel shows how truly special that bond is and it is beyond heartwarming!

There's no doubt this video will make you smile and you may find yourself saying “Aww” more than a few times. This pug clearly loves this little girl and goes out of the way to make sure she is taken care of in  every way possible.

All this pug wants to do is make her happy and you will fall in love instantly!

To see what this pug does as this girl's Guardian Angel, please head on over to the next page and watch the video.

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