Pug’s Secret Activity is… Dancing?! I Didn’t Even Think Moves Like His Were Possible!

Fred dancing

Admit it. Mostly everyone has something they love to do when the house is empty. Whether it's eating a few candy bars, watching a favorite television show or turning the music up high and dancing, the house is yours! Well, until your significant other or whomever you live with gets back. LOL!

Even though most pugs like to sleep, eat, or look out the window while wishing their mom or dad would come back home already, not every pug is the same. In fact, the pug in this video definitely does NOT want to sleep because he has some dancing to do! Yep, you heard that right… dancing!

It's time to check out this pug's moves…

Aww, sleeping has never been so nice. However, forget the sleeping. This pug is just faking his sleepy time because in reality all he wants to do is get up and dance! 

pug sleeping

Find out just how cool this pug's dance moves are and how he goes about doing his “secret” activity after the break!

Also, just wait until you see Fred's final dance move (later on the video as well) — I never even though a move like this was possible for a pug! 

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