(VIDEO) Cute French Bulldog Modeling ‘Minion’ Outfit Will Make Your Day!

We’ve seen those funny, lovable Minions before. They are yellow, inquisitive little guys and often goofy and good hearted. And they are one of the biggest reasons “Despicable Me”© was such a hit!

Is it any wonder why Halloween costumes, made like Minions, were so popular last year and promised to be just as popular in 2016?

Oh, but we are not talking how these costumes are perfect just for human children…

After the break, there is a very handsome French Bulldog walking about and modeling his playful and very cleverly made Minion costume. Where this precious pup plans to wear it is uncertain but he looks very cute. After all, Halloween is months away!

We're sure it's just mom who wants to take cute pics of her Frenchie in an adorable outfit, and we're quite alright with that!

See why this Minion costume is perfect for everyday wear too on the next page!

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