(VIDEO) Cute Frenchie REALLY REALLY Wants to Go Outside. Now Listen to His Adorable Begging Skills…

whining frenchie

We know how it is. You have a busy day ahead of you. Maybe you work at home and need to get some work done before noon and time keeps getting away from you… but there is someone in the family that needs to remind you of something important.

He is your pet French bulldog and it is that time of day for a walk. No, it does not matter that you need a few more minutes or that a bonus may be hinging on the accomplishment of your goal… the fog needs a walk and NOW.

It’s a little tough to ignore him. He’s right there, looking at you, and whining!

Cats have a reputation for being the ones who will crawl all over you, your keyboard, and knock things off the desk just for the pure pleasure of doing it. Dogs, on the other hand, are more purposeful and just have to stare and whine to get their point across.

Go check out one Frenchie’s technique on the net page. You can always come back and finish up your work later.

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