(Video) English Bulldog Hilariously Walks in His New Boots – LOL!


When we think of English Bulldogs we think of compact and robust gents, someone like Winston Churchill or even an actor popular in the nineteen sixties and seventies called Sebastian Cabot. These were big men but exuded an air of confidence and appropriateness.

However, an English Bulldog is still a dog and, in some ways, he must be handled with care and caution. It is Wintertime after all and with snow showing up in many states a pup’s feet needs protection.

Enter doggy boots.

Over on the next page, we are introducing you to a very hefty and seemingly proper bulldog who is trying out his new shoes – and he does not seem to like it much. The poor guy appears downright humiliated – but it is hilarious!

Go check it out!

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