(VIDEO) French Bulldog Strongly Protests When He’s Not Getting the Attention He Thinks He Deserves

French Bulldog wants attentiont

Independence is over-rated. At least, it seems to be for one French Bulldog who has his own exceptional way of getting the attention he feels he deserves!

You just have to look at his somber face to know there is something seriously important afoot. What could it be? Does he want a bone? A pat on the head? Maybe a walk? If only our pooches could tell us so we know for sure.

Instead they look up at us with those large, round eyes and think we should know what it is they are trying to silently impart.

Watch how the cute little Frenchie on page two gets his owners attention and, in some strange way, gets him to understand what it is he wants – we think. LOL!

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