(VIDEO) Frenchie is Just a Tad Obsessed With His Ball. What He Does While Playing With It? SO Funny!

funny frenchie with orange ball

When a doggy has a favorite toy, it becomes more than special. Sometimes, that special item becomes the object of their obsession! LOL! I'm sure you've seen it before! You just can't separate a doggy from his favorite toy! LOL!

Take this adorable Frenchie for example, he just loves his orange ball! No wait, scratch that, he is absolutely obsessed with it! This video shows all the times this doggy is around his favorite ball. He acts the same every time! It's super hilarious!

As Pixel the French Bulldog plays with his ball and does all these silly things, you can clearly see that this pooch will never get bored of his big bouncy ball toy! LOL!

Watch this obsessed Frenchie play with his favorite orange ball on the next page! This is one video you shouldn't miss! 

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