(Video) Frenchie Puppy Has a Huge Bed All to Himself. How He Shows Off His Reign? Classic, LOL!

puppy on bed

We truly enjoy spoiling our loved ones. It makes us happy to see them happy and we can't put a price on that.

This goes for our fur babies as well. I'm guilty of purchasing every toy I see for my dog to the point where my 7-pound Yorkie now has two gigantic bins full of toys.

In my defense, he does play with every single one of them at least once a month or so. He doesn't discriminate and he doesn't play favorites so I don't have the heart to get rid of any yet. Is anyone else like that?

As a result, I can fully understand how this Frenchie puppy's parents ended up getting him a huge bed. Those cute, captivating puppy eyes force our common sense to go right out the door.

After watching this video, this puppy might even convince you to buy an oversized bed for your own dog. We can't help it! We only want the best for our pets.

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