(Video) This Kitten and Puppy Adore One Another, and it’s Absolutely Precious!

puppy and kitty

The one thing we can all agree on is that puppies and kittens are incredibly cute. More so, when they are together and appear to absolutely adore one another!

When we think about the two, pictures of “fighting like cats and dogs” comes to mind. However, when they are young, are brought up together in innocence and companionship, there is not a stronger bond than that between a cat and dog. It is a trust issue and when the two know they can feel secure in each other's presence a true bond is formed.

The adorable kitten and golden retriever puppy on the next page are a great example of this sudden attachment. They meet and just love each other right away.

Go over to the next page and watch the cuter than cute video that displays this new friendship. It will make your day!

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