(Video) Golden Retriever Puppy is Utterly Confused by Lemon Slice

puppy and lemon

When breeders tell us that each puppy has its own unique personality we sometimes chuckle and rather diffidently agree. Yet, the adorable Golden Retriever puppy on the next page certainly shows he truly does have personality, whether it be his own or someone else’s!

His name is Gunnar and the little guy, who will be very large one day, is very curious and playful. We are told every object he encounters is like a day at the museum for him, a world filled with mystery and education!

We may not think a half a lemon is that big a deal but Gunnar, in his own distinctive way, has made it a play-toy! There is something odd about his new plaything, however. Never have any of his others tasted or smelled so sour! What is with that?

Go to the next page and watch as Gunnar tries to figure out the world of citrus fruits!

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