(Video) Lab Stops a Newborn Baby From Crying and My Heart is Melting

Lab and Baby

Whenever we hear a baby crying it disturbs us. It’s only natural. We don’t want to think of them in pain or unhappy but, in the end, we often have no idea what it is that is troubling them.

Now, if we have a problem figuring out what is making a distressed baby cry you can just imagine what the family dog is going through. For one thing, he is not exactly sure what a baby is! It’s not as furry as a puppy but seems louder than a squeaky toy.

On the next page, we have a pooch named Peanut the Labrador. He can easily see that the baby is not at his best and wants to do something to relieve its sadness.

Sometimes just the presence of a friend is enough! Watch the result!

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