(Video) Precious Baby Pug Loves Her Daddy. Now Watch That Sweet Face to See How She Shows Dad She Loves Him!

baby pug and daddy

It's a wonderful feeling bringing your new fur baby home and introducing her to her new family members. Some family members may fall in love with her more than others and sometimes both Mom and Dad will be inseparable with their Pug pup.

Also, sometimes a new puppy may bond with one parent more than the other. For example, in today's video, this adorable Pug puppy seems quite taken with Daddy and they have such a sweet relationship!

As Daddy holds her close to his chest you can tell this puppy is soaking up the affection and being close to her new favorite human. She even responds when her Daddy asks her for kisses!

Be sure to keep your eyes on this Pug puppy's face as she cuddles up next to her Daddy as he holds her securely. As her Dad continues to speak to her she responds in adorable ways.

After the break watch this heartwarming video of a Pug puppy who has so much love to give, and a Daddy who is more than happy to receive and return this love! 

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