(Video) This Doggie Just Wants Some Ice Cream. Now Watch What Happens When the Ice Cream Truck Drives by His House…

dog ice cream truck

So you think you've seen just about everything when it comes to doggie videos? I don't think so! LOL!

Just because you've seen talking dogs and surfing pigs, it doesn't mean you've seen it all! LOL! This hilarious video will prove that to you.

One adorable doggy named Charlie hears the ice cream truck and he know it's time to get some yummy cold treats! LOL! When you see what he does to get them?! You just won't believe your eyes!

Trust me; you've never seen anything like this before. Charlie is one determined and smart doggy! LOL! See it for yourself!

Watch Charlie the doggy try and get ice cream from his favorite ice cream truck on this adorable video on the next page!

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