(VIDEO) Skippy the Pooch REALLY Wants a Bite of His Dad’s Cookie. Now Keep an Eye on His Paws…

dog Begging For Cookie

Poor Skippy has a problem. It’s one that most doggies, young and old, small and large, have. He wants something desperately but is not entirely sure how to get his need across to his Daddy.

It’s a shame too because that carrot cake cookie looks SO good! And it’s big. Skippy obviously thinks it is much too big for just one human being and he wants to lend aid!

He stands on his hind legs and – well – begs. But it is an odd kind of begging that is as active as it is adorable!
Go on over to the next page and check out little Skippy’s antics.

There is also another pooch present but appears camera shy. He or she is not as graphic with his like of the cookie. He seems to be jumping on Daddy’s lap, ready to dive-bomb if necessary!

To see if Skippy gets his way or not on the video, visit the next page. I promise this video is just too cute to miss!

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