(VIDEO) Sweet Pug Puppy is Upset She Can’t Get to Mom. How She Whines? Be Still My Heart!

Pug puppy wants her mom

Puppies love being able to jump in and get a cuddle session going with their owners. They love feeling safe while getting some quality time in too.

Although this adorable Pug puppy is having trouble reaching mommy, there's no stopping her from trying! LOL! She's a little upset at the start of this video because it's pretty obvious she's been trying to get up to bed for a while.

However, being a puppy with short legs is a struggle! There's just got to be a way for this Pug puppy to get some cuddle time with mom!

Will she finally get to her? Her reaction will melt your heart!

Watch how this struggling Pug puppy whines when she can't reach her mom on the next page!

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