8 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Get a Pug

pug puppy running

There's no doubt about it. Pugs are a favorite breed, but why is that the case? What makes this dog so adorable?! Perhaps it's their big eyes. No, no, it's likely the noises they make when they get excited. Oh wait — it's the curly tail!

For a Pug being so popular, we just can't wrap our heads around why so many Pug owners treat their dog like their child. It just doesn’t make any sense to us…

Because Pugs are popular (why again?!), we feel it’s our responsibility to warn you: Pugs are not the right dogs for everyone to own. As fellow Pug supporters, we feel it’s important to tell let you in on a secret. A Pug may just not be a good fit for you or for other friends who are considering getting one.

Why may you ask? Well, don't believe us. Check out these eight doggone good reasons that’ll support our opinion as to why owning a Pug is not the brightest of ideas.

Let's face it: The moment a Pug is born he is really scary. I mean, who on earth would fall in love with a face like this?

pug chewing on sheets

Keep reading to discover more reasons why you may want to reconsider before adopting a Pug. It’s time to face the facts that Pugs are NOT a good fit for some people and more specifically, for you! 

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