(Video) This Corgi’s Adorable Butt Floats in the Water and That’s Not All… LOL!


Have you ever seen a doggy's bottom float in the water? It's a pretty funny thought and may even seem impossible, right? Guess again!

In this funny video, one Corgi has a secret talent! His butt floats in the water! LOL! That's right!

While taking a bath, his owner notices something strange about their pup. When you see what he does next to test the buoyancy of the pooch, you'll be laughing right out of your seat!

Trust me, this Corgi's bottom will have you cracking up. What could be funnier than this?! We're guessing that nothing comes close! LOL!

Watch and be amazed at how this Corgi's butt can float in the water on this priceless video on the next page!

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