(VIDEO) This Cat Takes a Swipe at Betty the Frenchie. How the Dog Responds? OMG, This is Crazy AND Hilarious!

Frenchie and Cat

The cat’s name is Gary, and he’s a nice if somewhat territorial kitty. However, one thing he should never have done was take a swipe at a sweet but rather reactionary Betty, the French Bulldog!

You put these two together, and it’s like fire and… fire. But think cartoon fire because we do not think either dog actually means harm to the other. It’s just a fun battle of will.

Gary is a feline and like most he feels he needs to be on top of the situation. Frenchie needs to know his place! And Frenchie, on the other hand, may be a young pup, but he knows his place too. At the top!

After the break, watch the video of a twosome who are as opposite as Felix and Oscar and as power hungry, on a very cute level, as you air conditioner when it’s 100 degrees outside!

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