(VIDEO) This Dog is Waiting Her Turn to Get Rinsed off With a Hose. When You See How Excited She Is? OMG!

Doggy Shower

We absolutely had to show you this silly and somehow sweet video of an over-anxious pooch wanting a shower. She figures if big brother is getting a rinse off, well, so should she?

But, more than that, she doesn’t just want to feel that cooling water against her warm fur and skin later. She wants it now!

Who cares if the other dog is still in the midst of his shower? If Mom really wanted to get it done quick she’d shower them both at the same time, right? Well, at least this pooch things so.

And, by the way, why is the bigger dog being rinsed first? Our peppy pooch thinks she has finally grown big enough to get firsties!

Visit the next page and watch this over-excited doggie show Mom that she is good enough, possibly even better, when it comes to getting a rinse off. Heck, we have to admire her enthusiasm!

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