(VIDEO) This Doggie Is Feeling A LOT of Remorse. How She Asks for Forgiveness? Aww, Poor Baby!

dog saying he's sorry

Clearly, Ettore the Labrador has done something wrong and whole we do not know what it might have been, he is in deep trouble because of it! What does a dog do at a time like this? Run and hide?

Obviously, there is no hiding from his Daddy and he must accept his punishment, which is a sincere chastisement, with quiet misery. And if you do not thing Ettore is guilty …

Well, you simply HAVE to look at the way he tries to make it up to his Daddy, how he desperately tried to ask for forgiveness. He just wants Daddy to put his arms around him and say it’s okay.

But will that happen? Will his Daddy forgive him? Or will Ettore be silently punished with that “bad dog” stare his Dad is giving him?

Watch the video and see if this Dad decides to forgive his naughty pooch after the break.

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