(VIDEO) This Doggy is Guarding the Neighborhood Like His Life Depends on it. When He Thinks There’s a Threat? Everyone’s Safe!

Guard Dog

There are some dogs out there who are natural clowns. They are friendly, want to play, and don’t realize there is danger in anything until it stares them straight in the face. They are sweet and make terrific furry family members but, when it comes to protection, they are a little lacking.

Then there are the dogs that are vigilant. They may sit in your home, yard, or even the passenger side of your car and they wait. They know something is afoot even if we do not see it ourselves.

We may think that kindly man, who delivers our mail, picks up or garbage, or even delivers the big water bottle, is harmless – but some dogs know better and feel they must put these individuals in their place.

This second group of dogs is the perfect illustration of the pooch you'll “meet” on the video on the next page. Who needs a home or car alarm system when you’ve got this big guy keeping an eye on things? He is on watch, convinced something is ready to go down, and is ready to protect the neighborhood at all costs!

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