(VIDEO) Puppy is Learning Her Commands. What She Does While Being Trained? I Can’t Stop Laughing!

puppy falling asleep

Puppies live in three stages: Crazy-alert recreation, feed-time frenzy, and sleep that cannot be disturbed until the puppy is well and ready to get up. And, believe it or not, sometimes these things are interconnected.

For instance, during the crazy alert stage, you might want to take advantage by teaching the puppy tricks, treating them with snacks, and showing appreciation when they appear to be hanging on your every command. However, this stage can usually only happen after the pup has had a good nap.

Feed-time frenzy is rather self-explanatory. The dog is hungry and will eat and eat until she is full – and sometimes beyond that! What follows is normally a nice long relaxing nap.

Now, you might be able to teach a dog something when she is hungry, especially if she knows the food will follow the teaching session. However, you're likely to be stuck with a sleepy puppy if you try to teach a pooch tricks after dinnertime. She will try to pay attention but sleep is all she will be thinking about.

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