(Video) This Frenchie Has a Career Ahead of Her in Show Tunes! She Sure Can Sing, LOL!

frenchie sings

If you've watched shows like The Voice and X Factor, then you know that there are some amazingly talented people out there with superstar voices!

Hearing them sing and show off their talent is very inspiring, don't you think?!

Well, it looks like one pooch took that inspiration and ran with it! She decided to share her talent with the world thanks to Mom who had to record her vocal talents!

This song loving pooch is ready to show you that she has a voice of her own, and she can sing! LOL!

Listen to her belt out some tunes in this amazingly cute video. We promise you haven't heard talent like this before! This pooch's voice is a slice of heaven!

Watch and listen to Annie the Frenchie sing you some inspiring songs on the video on the next page!

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