(VIDEO) This Poodle Does NOT Want to Leave the Car. When Mom Tries to Get Him? Hilarious!


When a doggy makes up his mind, there's almost no convincing him otherwise! LOL! A stubborn pooch is a stubborn pooch.

When they refuse to move or get out of a car, it's usually because they know they're probably going to the vet or maybe even to the doggy spa for a bath! While this might not sound appealing to doggy, sometimes owners have to get creative.

This poodle wants to stay in the car and he'll do anything to make that happen! When his owner tries to get him out, you're going to laugh! He is just too funny! Will he ever get out of the car? Maybe he's just much too clever and it's just not going to happen — LOL!

Watch how this poodle tries to outsmart his owner and stay in the car on this video on the next page.

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