(Video) This Dog isn’t too Happy With His New Sibling Rivalry. How He Makes it Known? Wow!

Jealous Pup


It the old story of sibling rivalry! For years pretty Sadie has been the apple of Mom’s eye. She loved and adored her beautiful, statuesque doggie and the two lived happily with their shared adoration.

But then something happened. Sadie might have noticed Mom gaining a little weight but never did she think that one day she’d be bringing home a baby! Not just any baby but a human baby. How did that happen?

So now Sadie is forced to share her home with Jaxx, who appears to be getting far more attention than Sadie feels necessary. Jaxx doesn’t even have a tail!

Go over and take a look at one very sweet baby, an adoring Mom, and a somewhat jealous dog who is very vocal with her opinions!

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