(VIDEO) This Rare Blue French Bulldog Puppy Will Make You Go “Aww!” Sooo Precious!

blue baby frenchie

It's time to get your heart going with some adorable French Bulldog footage! Have you ever seen a Blue Frenchie? Well, if you haven't, then today is your lucky day! Yes!

This adorable Blue Frenchie will steal your heart. Just watch what she does in her new home! She is so full of energy and life! And with how she is as a puppy, there's no doubt that energy is going to continue as this little one ages!

This adorable puppy is just too cute to resist. When you see what kinds of shenanigans she gets into when she meets her new owners, you are going to say “Aww!” LOL! Get ready to fall in love with Mika, the rare Blue French Bulldog puppy!

Watch little Mika have some tail-wagging fun with her baby siblings and new owners on the next page!

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